How to wear a Pink Heaven bodysuit this season

How to wear a Pink Heaven bodysuit this season

Bodysuits are wardrobe non-negotiable pieces and we should at least have few of them in our cupboards.

These garments are not only a fashion trend in 2021, but also an essential part of any capsule collection. They can be anything you like them to be: cute, romantic, sexy, casual and most of all flattering for every body type.

But what actually is a bodysuit? It is one-piece clothing/ lingerie that looks similar to the one-piece swimsuit or leotard (loved by dancers or gymnastics). The difference is that in this item has many functions and is one of the most versatile items. It all depends on a fabric used, design or cut. What is wonderful about this garment is that it can be worn directly on the body. Often there is no need for the additional underwear unless you like it. Upper part of this garment can be like other tops, it can also be a shirt or a shaping lingerie. Bodysuits offer comfort to the body and a sleek look that you dream about. There are countless style options available. Some offer more comfort when other are statement pieces. However in all cases this is a very feminine piece of clothing, because it hugs the body to create the perfect silhouette.

In our personal collection we have few that are a must: plain black, nude and white. We recommend you to start with them and later add one or 2 lace ones. They all can be styled in a multiple ways. From professional to absolutely sexy. Bodysuits are great to incorporate into your wardrobe, but how do you wear them? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve put together a style cheat sheet with ideas of outfit and bodysuits examples that you can easily add to your wardrobe. Please read the article below to see how to wear bodysuits with a style.

 As a Lingerie

We are speaking about a bodysuit that doesn’t need any extra piece of lingerie underneath. It has to be soft and made with high quality fabric. This way it will be comfortable to sleep in it or wear it as a loungewear. If it’s made with lace the better. It will to add more femininity to the nightwear or loungewear. You can add a casual robe or silk one on the morning or a soft pyjama shorts for more girly look.

BODY GLAMOUR from Pink Heaven Lingerie, is an ideal bodysuit that can be a lingerie itself. You can see below how Pink Heaven Angel Flo (flow_joao) styled it. Now we are dreaming about lazy day at home wearing this gorgeous piece.

With Shorts

Bodysuit with shorts is the ultimate summer look. Any body type will look good in this combo. You can experiment with a different styles from the low-cut, lacy one or stretchy. With the short jeans this look will be stylish, yet relaxed. You can wear with sandals during the day and with high heels for a more glamour look in the evening. 

BODY MILANO is our top choice for this look. It is shaping and flatters the body. Pink Heaven Angel Beti (lifeofbeti) looked so stylish with the black jeans shorts and a jeans jacket. Body Milano is also available in a blue colour that will look gorgeous with white shorts for more Riviera look.

 With elegant trousers

This is most classy use of bodysuit. Bodysuits are perfect for tight, elegant trousers because they offer the ideal tucked in with no creases.

You can play with colours or create a monochrome look, for example black trousers and black body will create a very sophisticated look. White suit is also the other version that elevates the look immediately and make it look very refined and elegant. It’s an ideal look for formal occasions, but also a date look. It doesn’t reveal much, but make men wonder…. We love this kind of fashion staples that have many use. Basically, they can suck you in, lift you up, and work as the perfect base layer for any outfit!

BODY ELEGANT: This Pink Heaven Lingerie bodysuit is a versatile piece. Is available in raspberry and light pink colour. It’s made with soft lace and has pads, so there is no need for the underwear.  It can be worn in a bedroom and during a business meeting. Pink Heaven Lingerie Angel Bella (bella_zofia) combines white pants suit with a body elegant in raspberry colour.

With a blazer

Bodysuit is the ultimate layering piece. Simply to add a blazer on top is the easier way to style it. Effortless yet chic. Exactly what we like, right? Simple, monochrome blazer will look gorgeous on lacy low-cut bodysuit. When you want to wear more colourful blazer or one with many buttons or frills then choose a simple body, ideally in black, beige or nude colour.

BODY ANITTA –This stunning bodysuit is not only a lingerie it is the outwear garment. Ideal for under the large, off the shoulder sweater. With a blazer is making an amazing fashion look and a statement. Just look how our Angel Laura (aboutxlaura) styled it. Doesn’t it look wonderful?



For all the travelling ladies is can be lifesaving piece.  Bodysuits will be your best friends. They are ideal for weekend getaway when you want to pack light. You also don’t need to pack underwear, as bodysuit will be enough and serve the purpose. We think it’s a nice hack to know.

On Pink Heaven Lingerie website under luxury lingerie section you will find beautiful propositions of bodysuits. They are all absolutely lovely and made with highest quality of fabric with beautiful finishing. Pink Heaven Lingerie is a Swiss brand, but they ship internationally. Their pieces are so unique, high quality and they just feel good. We hope that you can also find some inspiration on their website.

We can’t express enough how much we love bodysuits. They can change our look easily and be a nice fashion statement. A good bodysuit hugs your body in comfort while supporting your curves in a sleek and smooth way. Choose a bodysuit that make you happy and proud of your bod and let us know below which style or bodysuit you liked the most.

Pink Heaven Lingerie is a Swiss brand with international shipping. The pieces are so unique, high quality and they just feel good. We hope that you can also find some inspiration on the website.

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