Last year during Christmas and NYE we were all in lockdown, so this year everyone is excited about this festive season. It feels like this Holiday will be all about glamour and glitz. Already this season started with many work parties, fancy meals at restaurants, beautiful decorations everywhere and Christmas shopping fever. It's also time when we see so much inspiration at the shop's displays, yet we are not sure what to buy.

I personally love to dress up and truly embrace all special occasions. For me, this Christmas especially feels like one of the most special in quite some time. I would like to take the Christmas day dress code seriously and create some gorgeous looks that will make me feel special and beautiful. After all, Holidays are for this part too. 

We want to feel festive and look our best, but it is overwhelming to spend entire day shopping looks. Don't worry I have you covered! I have prepared inspirations for you that you can wear during this special season. There are examples perfect for hosting dinners, or being an elegant guest. There are also looks that will be perfect for the restaurant's dinner, hotel or NYE party. In case you decide to stay home then you can also opt for one of these dresses, but accessorize it with more comfortable shoes or accessories. You don't need to stay in sleepers, you can still look wonderful! Perhaps you can choose for a bodysuit and blazer or velvet fabrics.

In my inspirations, you can choose something from fantastic sequined dresses, LBD, lingerie-inspired basics or metallic dresses. I hope that after seeing my examples it will be easier for you to choose your ideal looks. Also, you have two options, you can either fit in some extra shopping or you can search in your wardrobe for items that will be just perfect. This way you will be more sustainable and give some extra life to your clothes. And if you are like me that for a special occasion you do need something new, then perhaps you can present yourself with pair of nice shoes or new lingerie. And it is something special and mysterious about a woman who has wonderful lingerie under her dress. Without further ado please have a look at the list that I prepared for you and let yourself be inspired.

Something Red

Little Red Dress is a Christmas staple, nothing says Christmas like a little red dress. You can choose a velvet dress, for the coziest feeling. 60's style shift dresses are also ideal for Christmas time. To add more glamour you can choose a dress with a bow on the front or back.  It's a versatile look that can be accessorized in many ways. You can add ballerina pumps or stilettos. Long or short earrings. Black or natural tights. Add more glamour and make it look cute. You decide!

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Gold Skirt

A golden touch is always a good idea. It brightens your outfit and suggests that there’s something to celebrate.  This winter gold and silver shades are dominating shop displays. Gold skirt is the solution for ladies who would like to add some of this strong color, but not be fully covered in gold like a Christmas tree decoration. When you opt for a gold skirt, you can choose a mini one or over a knee one. A pleated skirt is especially popular this season, so you can't go wrong with it.  Combine it with a black top and high heels and you will shine like a star.  

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Sequin everywhere

This style is for ladies who want to make an impression. You can choose a low-back sequin dress to create the most desired look.  You don't need to accessorize it a lot. Go for nude legs, strappy sandals and simple earrings.   You can also choose a sequin top and wear it with jeans or black pants. Opposite to the first option, this look will be ideal at home parties, but also clubs.

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Draped in Metallic

If this year you would like to try something different than a classic LBD or Red then a metallic look is the way to go. Silver, bronze or gold will be something extra. Ideal for celebrations of Christmas or the New Year. You will shine no matter where are you. In a club or home with family. You can again wear a mini, top or a long metallic dress. The last look is especially fashionable this year and will add glam and a bit of extravagance. If not during the Holiday season when else we can be so sophisticated? This look will elevate all ambience too.

Little Black Dress

In my opinion, Little black classic is a must during the holiday season. It's something that I like to wear for Christmas Eve or often New Year's Eve. It's so classic, sophisticated, elegant and flattering.  This look is always featured on the runways and shop's displays. You can always find a new model in the shops or just use your vintage one from the wardrobe. This year you can also choose a puff-sleeved dress, as they are now back to fashion. In LBD, you will be feeling like a million dollars and you will get into the Christmas spirit right away!

I hope that this narrowed selection will be helpful to create your ultimate Holiday wardrobe. Please remember that to shine you need to feel rested, dedicate some time for self-care during the festive season. Also choose a fabulous lingerie. It is as important as your outfit that we are wearing! You can shape your body and highlight some parts; all clothes will look much better after and you will feel more sexy and confident. 

You have many options to choose from Pink Heaven Lingerie including gorgeous pieces with beautiful Velvet Winter trendy color. As for the last inspiration, I would like to share with you this look I created by wearing the Second skin shirt La Bella (pinkheavenlingerie.com). This fabulous shirt is made in lace, it’s very cozy and perfect to combine it with a gold skirt, black mini skirt or trousers. You can add a velvet blazer to a cozier look.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from me

and Pink Heaven Lingerie team!!


With love, Bella


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By Izabela Switon-Kulinska, Pink Heaven Lingerie Ambassador

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