Autumn Self-Care

Autumn Self-Care

As Autumn arrived, it is getting cold outside and we start to think about cozy evenings at home and self-care. Even though September is the self-care month, I think that Autumn in general is just perfect time to start thinking about well-being, happiness and find time for self-reflection.

We all are busy in our lives, balancing career with children, partners or pets. Trying to do it all together is exhausting that is why self-care is so important and necessary. As end of a year is approaching with a proper self-care we can finish year calmer and start New Year stronger and full of intentions.

We can let go and release those things that are no longer serving us.  Also pure, absolute enjoyment is an important part, that goes with this subject too. Before I will share some easy Autumn Self-Care tips, I would like to explain to you 7 major self-care pillars. They are created by International Self-Care Foundation (ISF).  So please prepare yourself a cup of tea or a hot chocolate, breathe deeply and let’s dive in to our subject.

7 pillars of self-care

  1. Mental /intellectual self-care: It’s all about cultivating a healthy mind-set, growing your skills, reducing stress, and enhancing your knowledge and creativity. There are some ideas that you can easily implement, for example:

-Meditation:  even if it is only 5 min per day. Each day you can increase the time.

- Writing in a journal:  I find it as one of the most powerful tool. I also encourage you to set timer and make a habit of writing, 5, 10, 15 minutes or more.

  1. Emotional Self-Care: This includes all activities with understanding yourself, your emotions and feelings. Examples:

- Watching a touching movie: perhaps something that makes us cry or laugh, release some hidden emotions.

- Listening to favorite song: That brings some memories or is triggering some feelings, like confidence for example.

  1. Physical Self-Care: This one seems simple, but in our busy lives we sometimes prioritize everything else than this. There is a lot of true in old proverb: “A healthy Mind breeds a healthy body and vice versa”. This pillar is about exercise, nutrition, sleep. Examples of self-care can be:

- Drinking more water

- Sleeping 7, 8 h per day

- Changing a diet:  perhaps seeing dietitian or just reducing unhealthy habits.

  1. Environmental Self-Care: this area is about our environment, especially our home or office

Simple examples are:

- Decluttering home

- Lighting candles, adding some nice scents to your home


  1. Spiritual Self-Care: this pillar involves our soul, purpose in live and meaning.

You can nourish this part by:

  • Volunteering in project or cause that you believe in and has an importance to you
  • Spending time in the nature
  1. Recreational Self-Care: This area is related to your free time and pleasure. It includes fun activities and new adventures. Examples:

- Going on a spontaneous trip, or a trip your dream about for a long time,

- Starting a hobby, using your creativity.

  1. Social Self-Care: It’s important to nourish and cultivate our relationships, especially with people who we love, who are in our circle or community.
  • Spending quality time with your loved-ones
  • Joining a group activities, for example a book club or a networking event.

Now by understanding all pillars as you can see that self-care contributes to all aspects of life and can be performed in a multitude of ways. Depending what you, your body, mind or soul needs right now.

Below I prepared a bonus tip, special ideas to implement during Autumn season:

  • Take a long bubble bath: lit the candles, add your favorite scents and products ( face mask, bath oils, body lotions)


  • Cook a new meal: best with a use of seasonal ingredients, like pumpkin for example.
  • Go for relaxing coffee with a friend: enjoy the Pumpkin Spice Latte or Afternoon Tea and forget about your social media updates. Live the moment and enjoy.
  • Visit the hairdresser: Nothing boost the mood like a new hairstyle. You can also just opt for refreshing the colour.
  • Buy yourself a beautiful Lingerie set. There is something about this feeling when you know that underneath your garments. It’s a fantastic underwear and it boosts your esteem, makes you feel more feminine and happy.

Fall is just ideal time to focus on ourselves. We often get to neglect our self-care needs. We sometimes feel it’s selfish, but please remember it’s not! Self-care is necessary. Please let me know which self-care tip you will try this Autumn or perhaps you will make it as a challenge and implement one ritual each day?


With love, Bella


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By Izabela Switon-Kulinska, Pink Heaven Lingerie Ambassador

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